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Yes, the Celtics talk a lot of trash

This should surprise exactly nobody.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Wait, you mean Kevin Garnett might have said some unseemly things to Carmelo Anthony? I'm shocked. Shocked that this is news.

Terry diary: C's D, trash-talk, hockey, NFL - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

I didn't make much of Melo [Carmelo Anthony] coming to our bus after the game. We're competitive. If you go to one of our practices, we talk more than anybody. I talk more than anybody. I'm a throwback. I come from the Gary Payton school of trash talking. It's something that is normal to me. It may get under the opposing team's skin, which it's intended to do. If it gets to you, we've done our job.

Kevin Garnett is definitely legendary for his trash talking but Paul Pierce is just as brutal. I'm on the right team. We're so versatile here and it's so spontaneous the way we trash talk. For example, Kobe [Bryant] said something to Pau Gasol about two months ago about his big boy pants. Now we use it when we're out on the floor. We use that in our trash talk lingo.

I found all of this pretty amusing. Just a fun little peek into the on-court dynamics.

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