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Practice makes perfect for Doc and Celtics

Pretty straightforward stuff. More practice helps a team get more familiar with the system and each other.

Celtics making most of rare practice time - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"It’s been really good," Rivers said. "We’ve had a bunch [of practices] in a row. We took yesterday off, got back at it today. You can see it in the results. I think guys are getting rhythm on both ends, guys are able to put in a lot of individual work as well, which I think is important in the middle of the season."

"Chemistry doesn't happen overnight," Jeff Green said. "You've heard KG say that all season long. Chemistry is something you've got to work on and we're using this practice time that we have, and this homestand that we have, to get closer and build chemistry. That's what we need to continue to do in order to get closer and continue to have a positive outcome on the floor."

So.... can we finally put the "new guys getting used to the system" excuse to rest?

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