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Avery's big heart, Rondo's big hands, Celtics BIG highlights

With the team riding a five-game winning streak and Charlotte and New Orleans this week at the Garden, the Celtics are in prime position to climb in the Eastern Conference standings. Take a moment out of your Monday and enjoy these video clips.


Less than two weeks ago, we were all moaning about the Celtics' horrific west coast trip. Avery Bradley's triumphant return was greeted by a loss at home to the Grizzlies and trade rumors flared up like the flu. But after regaining their defensive identity against some very good playoff-bound teams, the Celtics are only 2 1/2 games outside of a top-4 seed in the East. They're finally playing like the deep and talented team that Doc and Danny envisioned this summer. Boston is back and now that we're all in better moods, it's fun to enjoy some videos floating around this weekend and this morning.

First, there's this Molly McGrath interview with Saviory Bradley about his recovery from double shoulder surgery and how the team is playing:

And then there's Rondo's new "This is SportsCenter" commercial:

Finally, mixtape master @GeeZeeCeltics has put together a great compilation of highlights from this season so far. You should definitely check out the rest of the YouTube channel, too. The season highlights from last year are soooooo goooood. If this doesn't pump you up about the progress this team has made, I don't know what will:

Alright, that's enough reminiscing, everybody. We've got three games left on this homestand, including a national television finale on Friday against the Bulls. Let's push this streak to 8.

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