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Chris Wilcox may play next game

Doc not rushing it but hopes to have Wilcox back soon.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

One thing this team does not need is less depth at center, so it was not fun to hear that Chris Wilcox was going to miss some time. The Celtics have righted the ship without him, but it will still be nice to get him back.

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"Maybe even by next game he’ll be in uniform where he could play," Rivers said. "But we’re in no rush with that. We’re just going to make sure he feels good. He practiced and he wants to have a couple of more practices. If Chris was ready, he’d be playing, but I don’t know if he would play right away because I like the group that’s playing in front of him. "But it would be nice having him back."

Can't wait to see his next alley-oop from Rondo. On second thought, maybe he should take it easy on that thumb for a bit and just lay it in.

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