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NBA Trade Rumors: Chad Ford "Everything is on the table" for the Celtics

Chad Ford saw the Danny Ainge interview. His response: Whatever. To which I respond: Whatever.


By now you've seen Danny Ainge's comments saying that he doesn't anticipate making any "radical" changes. Chad Ford comments below from his chat today.

Chat: Chat with Chad Ford - SportsNation - ESPN

Danny Ainge did his annual radio interview where he appears flabbergasted at all the trade talk and says it's unlikely they'll do a deal. Of course, we know from past years, that Ainge isn't exactly forthcoming in such interviews. Multiple teams tell me they've talked to the Celtics and they believe everything is on the table -- as it should be. If Ainge can make the team stronger for a run at the Finals he will. If he can't, but he can just start the rebuilding process in a big way -- why wouldn't he. The team he has now probably isn't a serious Finals contender. I think it's likely it moves one way or the other. So when I wrote a few weeks back that he could or could not move Rondo, I wasn't trying to have it both ways. I meant that both options are on the table and he's looking for the best deal for his team. If there's a great Rondo trade for the Celtics, he'll do it. If there isn't, he's not in firesale mode, he's not moving players like Rondo or Paul Pierce for the sake of shaking up the team.

So there you have it. Danny Ainge is open to anything. Title contention, rebuilding, whatever ya got. Just not "firesale mode" - whatever that means.

To which I must retort myself. To both Danny and Chad,... whatever! I don't see anything particularly new or earth shattering here. Mostly just statements of obvious fact.

Still, because I know (some of) you will want to go over this, and I'm a facilitator of discussion, so here are some of my thoughts.

Ainge is correct to say that it would be foolish to make major changes to a title contender. But if he (either now or in a month) decides that this team can't really contend (as Chad opines), then why not make a move?

Also, Chad Ford is right to point out that Ainge would move Rondo or Pierce for the right deal. Again, obviously. He's always maintained that anyone is available for the right price and he's always out looking for something.

So everything here is correct and true ...from a certain point of view.

Speaking of which, of course he's going to make calls about the recently suspended Josh Smith. In fact, I'd be shocked if he hasn't had conversations about him for the last several years. Ford answered a Celtics fan asking about Smith with the following.

The relationship between the Hawks and Josh Smith has always been a rocky one on both sides of the ledger. I think Danny Ferry has wanted to keep him around in hopes that he could lure Dwight Howard back to Atlanta this summer. But if Smith wants out (which it appears that he does) that plan isn't really going to work. From what I can gather, he's definitely available.

So of course the Celtics will make that call. Doesn't mean that he's going anywhere, never mind Boston.

Which brings us back to the start. If there's a deal to be made (big, small, "radical" or simple), Ainge will make it. Otherwise, we'll see how things go with what we've got.

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