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NBA Trade Rumors: Leandro Barbosa has requested trade, expects one soon

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, the Celtics guard says that he's asked Danny Ainge for a trade, but the Celtics see value in the instant offense that The Brazilian Blur provides off the bench.

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Here's a link to the article and here's the mangled translation from Google Translate:

"I will not lie to you, I tried to get out several times, but Danny Ainge (general manager of the franchise) does not want to let me go. He's a guy that comes admiring my basketball for many years. I was supposed to have got a good contract with the Boston Celtics, but did not. He will not let me go so no, "said the Brazilian.

For its features to annotate offensive points and attack the basket, Leandrinho has suffered a bit with the position that has played in Boston. Rather than act as wing-owner, coach Doc Rivers has posed as the owner, reserve Rajon Rondo, the NBA leader in assists.

"The situation is this. I have to swallow and wait my chance comes. I have to be aware that this is what will happen. But coach talks to me normally tells me to always be prepared, anything can happen. It is logical that the wing-guard I feel better. I got used very well in this position after I arrived here in the NBA. But the position of # 1 makes me uncomfortable too. I'm different from a Steve Nash, a Rajon Rondo, but I know my way around. "Said Barbosa.

"At the time I was elected 6th best NBA player, I played in both positions. In that position he (Doc Rivers) put me here was what made teams were interested in me. I thank Doc I like to play point guard. When I left Brazil I came out as owner, I feel comfortable. Logico that after I got here I started to play more than 2 (wing-guard), "he added.

Even after the trade requests unserved, Barbosa said some surprise can happen. "I do not know if it's pump, I can not say anything. A lot will happen. In a little while you will hear a firecracker there. "

I'm sure a lot is lost in translation, but it doesn't sound like Barbosa is happy in Boston. We've seen flashes of his ability in the season opener in Miami and when he filled in for Rondo in Brooklyn, but he's still the odd man out in the Rondo-Bradley-Terry-Lee rotation. With all those players locked into long term contracts, Leandro Barbosa is the perfect trade target for a team looking to upgrade their guard position. I could see Danny flipping LB for a backup big like Timofey Mozgov, but on the other hand, Barbosa has been effective when he's played so I could Doc utilizing some three guard lineups against smaller teams.

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