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Miami Heat sign Chris Andersen

Birdman set to join the Heat in Miami.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The Celtics have had a need for a big man for a long time (and so have the Heat) and several people have wondered out loud if Andersen would be a good fit to sign off the street as a free agent. Looks like the Celtics were either not interested or were beat to the punch by the Heat. Now we'll see if he actually plays meaningful minutes for them.

Miami takes a shot on Chris Andersen | Heat Zone blog: Miami Heat & NBA news | The Palm Beach Post

After working Chris Andersen out, and telling him to hang tight if possible, the Heat added the veteran center/forward to the roster on a 10-day contract Sunday morning. It did so while signing Jarvis Varnado to a second 10-day contract, and passing on Josh Harrellson, who was interested in pursuing more playing time elsewhere. If there wasn’t time for Harrellson, it will be interesting to see how Andersen fits.

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