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Dwightmare 2: An L.A. Story (Lakers may trade Dwight Howard?)

Hollywood always was fond of sequels.

Jonathan Daniel

You saw the original film played out in Disney World. Now get ready for the sequel out in Disney Land. Dwight Howard is unhappy and his team might be looking to trade him.

Sources -- Los Angeles Lakers growing concerned over unhappy Dwight Howard - ESPN Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers have consistently turned away trade inquiries in recent weeks for All-Star center Dwight Howard and still believe they have a strong chance of signing him to a new contract when Howard becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer, according to sources close to the situation. But sources told this week the Lakers might be forced to reconsider that position between now and the Feb. 21 trade deadline because of Howard's growing unhappiness with his role under coach Mike D'Antoni and the potential that raises for Howard leaving them in July without compensation.

Report: Lakers to consider possibility of Dwight Howard trade? | The Point Forward -

There are plenty of complications standing in the way of Los Angeles being able to receive that real value. For starters, Howard’s desire to play for a contender, assuming that would still be in place, limits the available trade partners considerably. Interested parties from that group would then need to be convinced they could re-sign Howard in the summer, something that has been, even for the Lakers, a matter of total uncertainty. Suitors would also need to trust that Howard will be able to return to form or they would need to be willing to settle for his current level of output. There’s also the matter of Howard’s $19.5 million contract; like Gasol’s, it’s unwieldy and difficult to move without accepting back future salary, something the Lakers want to avoid to preserve what is shaping up to be a wide open cap position in July 2014.

Dwight Howard trade rumors: Nets taking a run at struggling Lakers star? -

A report on Tuesday from Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM said the Brooklyn Nets are trying to put together a package to entice the Lakers to move Howard by the trade deadline. Rudolph cited the Nets' desire to rope in the Minnesota Timerbolves as a third team to help facilitate the trade, with a package centered around disgruntled forward Kevin Love.

So yeah, at least the Lakers are struggling as well.

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