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Paul Pierce searching for answers

Pierce is The Captain and he's searching for ways to steer the ship back on course.


Paul Pierce, like most of us, is searching for answers. He admits that it seems like the team lacks mental toughness.

Paul Pierce admits that Celtics lack mental toughness - Sports -

"Everything revolves around playing hard consistently," he said. "We got a system in place and a game plan in place, and then we look at the film and we aren’t always following it. "We don’t have the discipline night in and night out, the consistency to maintain a game plan and play hard night in and night out. "That’s been our problem all year long and that’s why you are going to see us go up and down until we are able to maintain that, have the discipline to play hard every night."

Yet he still believes that this team can beat any team in the East. He just doesn't have teammates that all believe that all the time.

Pierce's leadership not wavering amidst C's up-and-down play

"I just have to continue to try and lead by example," Pierce said. "Show them on a daily basis how hard it is, how hard you have to work. On top of telling them and explaining ... keep them confident; that we can play with anybody. We know we can do this. Some of these guys sometimes get discouraged. But you have to keep pounding in their head, 'we can beat anybody.'"

Hopefully he can convince them.

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