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Celtics collapse, lose 27 pt lead and game (in 2 OT) 123-111

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the worst of times.

Kevin C. Cox

The Celtics were up 27 points in the first half and watched it all slip away. Two overtimes only extended the pain. By the end, they were out of gas, out of fight, and out of luck.

How am I supposed to put this into words? How do you describe this?

This game is just the most perfect illustration of why I love and hate this team. The first half was beautiful but you knew they were going to let up. You knew they'd coast and let the Hawks get some life. But to lose a 27 point lead? Really???

Then they build a 10 point fourth quarter lead and lose that too??

Then to force 2 overtimes and not find a way to win in all that time? Disgusting.

Rondo got himself a triple double and we had 7 guys in double figures but I couldn't care less because the Hawks got 3 guys over 20 points and 3 more in double figures. One of those guys was Kyle Korver who lit us up for 8 three pointers in the second half alone.


I'm done. Good night.

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