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Tony Allen: Celtics "missing a lot of pieces"

Old friend Tony Allen claimed that he's not an analyst, but he sums up some of the Celtics defensive shortcomings pretty well here.

Green Street " Tony Allen: Celtics ‘missing a lot of pieces’

"I don’t think they’ve really got a defensive-minded guy yet," added Allen. "I mean, they’ve got one [Avery Bradley], but I can’t say he’s 100 percent just yet. I don’t think they’ve got the center like Perk [Kendrick Perkins]. It’s kind of hard finding a guy like — a guy who clogs up the paint, talks trash to you and can actually back it up. They’re just missing a lot. I don’t know. I don’t see the same team from 2008."

We've gotten a little better on offense, but the personnel just doesn't seem to be there to play defense. I miss Perkins.

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