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Celtics hit new lows, find new ways to lose

Sorry, no good news here folks.

Jared Wickerham

I see that the Celtics players are remaining optimistic and saying all the right things about turning things around and all that. This is a good thing and I'm happy that they are remaining positive.

On the other hand, what I can see and the evidence produced thus far hasn't been so encouraging. Here are the facts. The Celtics have lost 4 games in a row and 8 out of their last 10.

Their defense only shows up for 1 or 2 quarters at a time these days and their offense looks boring, predictable, and beatable.

Boston Celtics' offense disappears again vs. Memphis Grizzlies, spoiling Avery Bradley's return - ESPN Boston

All that sugar-coating aside, there is the sobering reality: Boston is marred in an atrocious losing streak that has left them a season-worst three games under .500. What's more, even as the defense gets a boost from Bradley's return, the Celtics' offense has quietly regressed. During this four-game losing streak, the Celtics are shooting 40.6 percent from the field and 31.7 percent from beyond the 3-point arc and averaging a mere 84.8 points per game.

The last coal I'll add to the fire is this: Go take a look at the standings. If the season ended today, the Celtics would be a lottery team.

So that's where we are right now. You are what your record says you are and right now we stink.

Does that mean that this team can't turn things around and move in the right direction? Of course not. Like I've said, I'll never give up on this team and I believe that they have it in them to make another run. That doesn't mean it will happen, but it could.

I don't have a lot of shiny happy thoughts for you today. I'm sure if I looked closely enough I would find some encouraging notes. Something about Avery Bradley's defense or Jared Sullinger's rebounding or maybe even some silly trade ideas (which ironically enough would likely involved Bradley or Sullinger if we're being realistic). But at the moment I just don't really feel like it.

Give me a win and then I'll grin. For now I've got a sour taste in my mouth and I don't have any more answers.

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