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Much ado about body language

Some players wear their frustration on their sleeves and some do not. Apparently this is a story.

Jared Wickerham

So apparently there's a lot being talked and written about the players' body language. No really. This is a thing.

First Gary Washburn publishes an article about there being a "divide" in the locker room. That divide apparently is between the happy losers and sad losers.

Celtics in need of a change - Sports -

The Celtics are not on the same page. Some players continue to laugh and joke after losses, while others are furious. Some players expect the improvement will come and don’t appear worried about losses piling up, while others are very concerned.


Now, we've got quotes from Rajon Rondo about how he's a sore loser and others aren't.

Rondo: 'Everybody isn't a sore loser' -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"The frustrating part is just losing," he said. "I'm a sore loser. It's tough to lose." Then he put it in broader terms. "Everybody isn't," he said. "You'll learn that everybody isn't a sore loser. Some teams are OK with losing. Some guys are OK with just getting a check. But everything I do, I compete. So, this four-game losing streak is frustrating." He stopped short of pointing fingers. "I can only judge myself," Rondo said. "That's my New Year's resolution. I don't want to judge anybody this year."

If only everyone would just beat themselves up as much as Rajon and Garnett do, everything would be fine. Right? Or maybe people are just wired differently. That seems to be the point Doc is making here.

Rondo: 'I'm a sore loser' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"Honestly, I don’t look, I don’t notice," said Rivers. "I don’t know what [getting upset] does, you still gotta learn from losing and learn from wining at the same time. Clearly there are guys that take it more emotional than others, that doesn’t mean the other guys don’t take it just as poorly. I’ve learned a long time, you don’t read into that."

Look, I'm clearly being dismissive here and that's on purpose. I get that things like chemistry and being on the same page is important to a team's dynamics. But at some point, these differences are just life. We don't all handle disappointment the same way (just look around this blog!) and that happens. Players don't always even get along but they are professionals and they have to make it work.

Danny Ainge knows full well that Kevin McHale handled himself differently than Larry Bird did, yet they made great teammates.

Now, is it possible that things are really bad behind the scenes and the discord is actually ripping the team apart at the seams? Sure, I guess. But I'm gonna need a little more than body language to make me get worried about it.

Now rebounding, transition defense, and shot selection? Those I'm worried about. Next story.

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