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Celtics likely to tweak lineup soon

Danny Ainge indicates that Doc may be switching up the lineup soon.

back to the 5?
back to the 5?
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Doc got some good things going by (surprisingly) moving Kevin Garnett to the 4 and putting Jason Collins into the starting lineup. That lineup won 2 of the first 3 games and things looked like they might be turning a corner. Then the 4 game losing streak happened and it sounds like Doc might be ready to make a change.

During an interview on WEEI, Ainge was asked about a "shakeup" and he (of course) shied away from indicating that any trades would be imminent, but he did bring up the lineups.

Ainge standing pat with current Celtics . . . for now

"We're just looking at what we're capable of becoming," Ainge said. "I think we haven't found the right pieces. I think that Doc is probably going to tweak the lineup again and try to do some things different. We'll just try to be patient with this team as long as we can."

Aside from inserting Avery Bradley into the lineup, what else could they do? How about moving Garnett back to center (at least to start)?

Ainge: C's problems can be fixed - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"This will be the first game coming up against the best defensive team in the league right now in [the] Indiana Pacers where we have our best lineup that played last year, and that was with Rondo and Avery and Brandon and KG and Paul. That lineup hasn't even played one minute together this year, so I'd like to give that a shot."

Looks like Bass might be going back into the starting lineup. Sullinger has been playing well but perhaps they want his rebounding and energy off the bench with the second unit. They may think that this lineup will be just the thing to snap Bass out of whatever funk he's been in all season. Couldn't hurt I guess.

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