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FanPost Friday 1/4/13

The best of the FanPosts from the past week.

Mike Ehrmann

Really great stuff from you guys lately. Keep it up! Also, don't forget to "recommend" your favorites and comment on them when you feel led.

We've got increased control on FanPosts in the updated software so now I can add pictures to them and add them to the cover (I just haven't gotten around to that yet). Enjoy.

Why This Year Is Different - CelticsBlog

In every past year since 2007, particularly in 2010, I remained confident even as the Celtics stank in the regular season. This year is different. And it's not all that easy to articulate exactly WHY it's different.... why, as they go around stinking this year, I have so little confidence that they will, once again, "flip the switch." And I'm telling you, back in 2010 I was absolutely SURE about that switch. Even while nearly everyone else was writing the team's epitaph.

Calling on all Plastic Fans: Time to Melt Away - CelticsBlog

A team’s deep confidence on the basketball court comes from a collective belief that they, as a unit, can stop the other team from scoring. It’s one thing for Pierce to hit his first few three-pointers and work his way to a 40-point game against one of the worst teams in the NBA. That's nice. It's retro. It's reassuring. But it's not satisfying the way a defensive-stand and an expiring shot-clock possession against a playoff team is satisfying.

The Sky is Not Falling. But... - CelticsBlog

I understand the concern. This Celtics team is underperforming our expectations and seems light years away from its potential. However, I am in no way in favor of blowing it up. Whether your opinion is to “blow up” our chances for this season in favor of the future, or “blow up” our future potential in hopes of contending now, I am not in agreement.

IN "AVERY" REAL MAN IS A CHILD HIDDEN WHO WANTS TO PLAY (apologies to Nietzsche) - CelticsBlog

AVERY BRADLEY started, Cs fans a collective sigh,
Big help to Rondo with his bruised hip and thigh.
There's an Allen with the Grizzlies, but it's not Ray,
Tony--Cs are always in his heart, he's proud to say.

Identity Crisis - CelticsBlog

When I think of a traditional team, I think of a "true center." A guy who is 7' tall or more that wrestles for position on the blocks with most of the offense running through him, grinding it out in half court sets. Small ball on the other hand has no true center and instead uses three relatively tall, but super athletic forwards who can out quick a center making him ineffective. The latter is definitely the direction of the league.

The Case for "Win Now" by Trading the Future - CelticsBlog

This team is stuck. They have half a foot in rebuilding and still want to make a championship run. But doing things half way will give you half way results and our poor record shows it. Is it time to go all the way in one direction like blowing it up? Could be and by Jan. 15th, Ainge will give us the answer. But here's a plan for going all in, trading all your future stars/prospects for players that will give Pierce and KG a chance to win now and next year, assuming they still have something left in the tank:

State of the Celtics - CelticsBlog

With the current state the Celtics are in, fans are left with an endless amount of questions. Does this team have the pieces to win under contract now? Will Avery Bradley cure what ails us? Is Bradley the only injured player that will greatly help his team? If they need to make a trade who is available and who would we have to give up? Why is this team so much worse than last year despite at least on paper upgrading? I will attempt to answer all these questions and more while taking stock of this team currently as well as projecting the future.

We're All Fools - CelticsBlog

I tell this to my friends and family all the time. We are fools. We are given little information or completely inaccurate information and yet we still find the need to formulate our own opinions based on very little fact. Due to this we almost always come out looking like fools. It happens in many different facets of life, but nowhere is it more glaring than in our relationships with, and opinions of, our favorite sports teams.

Why Bradley Matters - CelticsBlog

If we take a step back, the real issue is not defense alone, but rather the differential between offense and defense. If the offense scored more points on average, then the current level of defense would actually be fine. To put it in raw numbers, the Celts currently average 95.9 points per game. But they are allowing an average of 97.4 points per game for a differential of -1.5 points. Obviously allowing more than you score is a recipe for disaster.

The "Truth" Hurts: Pierce May Be What's Ailing the Celtics. Also: Speculation on the Cousins Situation - CelticsBlog

So as far as us trading BOTH AB and Sully for Cousins as some have projected... I'm sorry, but I certainly don't see it... It's hard for me to picture any scenario in which our mad scientist, Danny, would be willing to give up a talented and sure-fire future for what? MAYBE one last immediate championship before KG decides to call it quits? It would seem highly unlikely, unless DC's trade value dropped to a level that would seem unrealistic considering his potential.

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