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Rumor: Grizzlies shopping Rudy Gay

Let the bidding begin on Rudy Gay.

Jared Wickerham

Zach Lowe of Grantland has heard from league sources that John Hollinger and the Grizzlies are shopping Rudy Gay in order to save them money. He comes up with numerous trade ideas for many teams. Below are the key ideas for Boston.

The Rudy Gay Dilemma: If He's Dealt, Where Will He Land? - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

A package of Green, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley works, though it only saves Memphis about $1.4 million in salary (and the same amount in tax payments). Memphis might be able to cut the rest by salary-dumping Marreese Speights or Bayless later (Speights isn’t trade-eligible until Jan. 15 and can veto any deal), and they could sell at least Lee and Bradley as helpful pieces that fill needs now and going forward. Replace Green with the cheaper Brandon Bass, and Boston would have to work a lot harder — sending out more players, and involving more teams — in order to find a deal. Paul Pierce for Gay works straight-up, but it’s sacrilege and does not save Memphis any tax money this season.

He makes the case that the Celtics could also get a 3rd team involved in the deal (perhaps to take Green?) to allow Memphis to save more money.

And I agree with the comment about Pierce, but I guess you never know with Danny.

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