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Yup, Kevin Garnett is still awesome and quotable

I'm gonna miss Kevin Garnett when he retires. We might be talking real tears here.

put your shirt back on Kevin
put your shirt back on Kevin
Jared Wickerham

Kevin Garnett is a modern day Shakespeare. His quotes are out of this world and even if you don't understand them all the time, that doesn't make them any less awesome. Here's his latest.

Green Street " Kevin Garnett: ‘This game was not some sort of foreplay’

"This game was not some type of foreplay," Garnett said. "I thought we came out firm and aggressive on both ends, but more importantly defensively. I thought we stayed sound for 48 minutes no matter who was in. Avery made a very very big impact on the game, I thought Paul’s defense was very energetic, and we followed those guys lead. You could tell from how we came into the locker room that we really needed this win.

There you go folks. Another quote for the vault.

Oh, and about Tyler Hansbrough's face:

Garnett: "I didn't mean to get [Hansbrough] in the face

"I was firm," said Garnett following the game. "I didn't mean to get him in the face like that. I was actually trying to swipe the ball, but it was a physical game and they called it the way it was. Part of the game."

See, that will teach Tyler's face for getting in the way of his hand. Part of the game.

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