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That was great, now do it again

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me dozens of times, that makes me a fan.

Jared Wickerham

Great, great win. The team has turned a corner and is ready to make their annual run to the playoffs now.

That's what many of us thought after Christmas day.

The point here is that we've known all along that this team is capable of doing great things on the basketball court. But the trick in this league is to do it repeatedly. I keep saying, the difference between good and great players is that great players do it day in and day out. Same goes for teams.

Right now this isn't a great team but it is capable of being one. It reminds me of rooting for young players. Guys like Jared Sullinger are a perfect example. You can just tell that he's going to be a very good to maybe even great player in this league. But it isn't there every night because he's still young and learning the game. As the months and years pass the game will slow down to him and he'll get more respect from refs and he'll understand opponents more. The only question (barring injury) is how long it will take.

Same could be said for this team. They will put it together sooner or later, but it better be soon or there may not be a later. Wins like last night are a great first step in that direction - but it has to be repeated.

C's starting over again - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"This wasn’t an empty win ... it was like a substance win," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "It doesn’t mean anything, honestly, because you have to keep doing it. It’s a substance win in the sense that, I keep saying, we needed a blueprint on how we should play. I don’t know if this wasn’t the best one, but then we have to do it again tomorrow, and then the next one. It’s the first step."

They'll have another shot tonight against the Hawks. Hopefully all goes well and they can start a streak that we can be proud of.

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