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Celtics lock down in 3rd, come back to beat Hawks 89-81

I love this team... pass the Pepto.


So quick story. I was putting the kids to bed at the beginning of the game and had the game taping. Watched most of the first half (with an "are you kidding me, this again?" look on my face). Then, with the C's down 15 or so points, my NBA League Pass drops out and I have no game to watch. I go upstairs, log onto my computer and ...we're up 3? Are you kidding me? Whahappen?

Well, according to twitter, Paul Pierce and Celtic defense happened. I missed the quarter of the year, but I'm still happy because we'er up. There's all sorts of stats that I saw on twitter, but the bottom line is the most impressive. 33 - 9 for the quarter. That's dominating.

The lead was up to the 10 range before long and they had a solid 4th quarter, basically trading baskets to hold on for the solid win. Rondo finished with a triple double, Pierce led the team with 26 points and everyone loves Bradley and Sullinger (with good reason).

Here's hoping that this game is one sweet microcosm for our whole season.

Final - 1.5.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 18 20 33 18 89
Atlanta Hawks 31 22 9 19 81

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