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Bulpett: DeMarcus Cousins deal unlikely

Steve Bulpett goes over some of the reasons why DeMarcus Cousins probably won't be dealt anywhere, never mind Boston this year. Here's some of his article.

A line of DeMarc-ation | Boston Herald

Said one prominent league executive: “That is a seriously troubled kid. There are problems there that go beyond basketball. That’s not something a coach can fix. He can play when he wants to, but how could you ever count on that? And what would you have to give up to get him?” The bottom line is that DeMarcus Cousins may certainly be worth a shot if he can be had in a low-risk transaction, which is why clubs will throw offers at the Kings that reflect his baggage. But until Sacramento alters its asking price — or an opposing club gets desperate (or as unstable as Cousins) — there may not be anything to see here for some time.

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