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Sam Amick: DeMarcus Cousins not going to Boston

The latest rumor, or rather shooting down of a rumor - if there is such a thing.


Welcome to full scale rumor season. In the coming weeks you'll be presented with a myriad of rumors, gossip, and outright slander. You'll have purported deals built up in the media, tossed around between one reporting outlet to another, and finally shot down by some source that may or may not be more reliable than the original one that started it. In fact, it might be the same source that started it for all we know.

All of which leads me to this tweet from Sam Amick.

If you look closely enough you can kind of see where all this is coming from.

Cousins gets suspended by the team, he fires his agent and hires a new one. New agent is logically called by media and he makes it known that Cousins would like out of Sacramento. The team stinks and the ownership situation is even worse, so of course he does.

Media folks ask around and the Celtics seem like a good fit. Someone asks a "Boston official" and they reply "yeah, we'd love to trade for DeMarcus, we'd be silly not to at least call them and talk about options." Boom, Boston is trying to trade for Cousins.

Finally, out in Sacramento, there are some folks in the front office that would love to be rid of the headache that is DeMarcus, so maybe they leak that they are listening to offers (quietly). Then there's someone like Petrie, desperately trying to save his job and upset at the undercutting going on in his own front office (and seeing the market go nuts, and not in a good way) says to someone like Amick "he's not going to Boston and in fact he's not going anywhere."

Does that kill the rumor? No, not in the least because today or tomorrow someone's going to call up the agent for an update and the whole process starts over again.

Silly season is upon us. Enjoy it, ...or take a long vacation. There's a lot of time between now and Feb. 21st (the trade deadline). My annual advice is this: listen to everything and believe nothing. Everyone has an agenda.

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