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Rondo suspended vs. Knicks for ref bump in Atlanta

The league has suspended Rajon Rondo "for making contact with a game official and failure to cooperate with a league investigation." Is this a sign of immaturity on RR's part or is the NBA getting too soft?


Check out the video. Pretty tame stuff if you ask me, especially if nothing was done during the game. The NBA also states that he didn't "cooperate with league investigation." I'm guessing that the ref didn't think it was that serious live (LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: DURING THE GAME, THE REF DIDN'T THINK IT WAS INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT!!!), but upon further review, the league saw the bump, called Rondo about it, and he failed to return the call. Seems ridiculous, right? So, what was supposed to be a big showdown with the Knicks at MSG will now have an asterisk, win or lose.

This is incredibly stupid. Here's a little subplot to this whole mess:

I'm just connecting the dots here, but is Ferry allowed to hand DVDs to officials and if that's a fine-able offense, doesn't that make it inadmissible at the commissioner's office? I smell a Law & Order episode...

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