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Well that was fun (Celtics over Knicks)

How was this game not on National TV? Just a totally enjoyable game.

blowing kisses to the MSG faithful
via Comcast Sportsnet

That had to be the most enjoyable game of the year. It wasn't the biggest victory against the best opponent, but it had so much more.

There was the early 10 point deficit when the Knicks couldn't miss a three pointer.

There was the added dimension of missing Rajon Rondo and seeing what Bradley, Lee, and Terry could do running the point.

There was the comeback and taking the lead based on tough defense and opportunistic offense.

There was the verbal jarring back and forth between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett (that later spilled over into team bus area).

There was Spike Lee taunting and talking trash to Paul Pierce on the inbounds play and the rest of the MSG crowd just laying into Pierce whenever his name was mentioned.

There was Jared Sullinger doing grit n balls things.

There was Avery Bradley "chewing up and spitting out" whatever the Knicks gave him and not backing down from any spotlight - even with a late 3 pointer.

Then of course there was the Captain, The Truth, trolling the MSG faithful and completely outclassing Carmelo "The Fable" Anthony in the late game heroics battle.

Oh yeah, and the good guys won, so that always makes things feel better. And the fact that it tied us for the longest win streak of the year (3) doesn't hurt either.

How was this game not on National TV? Just a totally enjoyable game.

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