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Carmelo Anthony waits for Kevin Garnett at team bus

I hope Melo charges rent, because KG is living in his head.

Kevin Garnett is not the nicest person on the court. His antics are well known and anticipated around the league. If you let him get to you, you've already lost. Last night Carmelo Anthony let him get to him and lost. But he took it one step further.

Garnett typically leaves that stuff on the court and goes back to being Kevin after the game. Melo couldn't do that last night.

Emotions run high on and off the court between Garnett, Anthony

Several reports shortly after the game indicated that Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony charged towards the Celtics locker room before being restrained by teammates. There was also another confrontation near the Celtics team bus where Anthony was nearby, waiting for Garnett. A shouting match ensued, with police and security staying in between the players before things escalated any further. Knicks coach Mike Woodson eventually came on the scene to try and calm his star player and get him away from the area.

So you can expect Carmelo to get some kind of fine and maybe even a suspension.

Of course, Doc Rivers appeared to take Carmelo's "no snitchin'" motto to heart.

"I'm going to let y'all figure that one out. I'm going to stay out of that. If it was the playoffs I'd tell on him," quipped Rivers. "But since it's not I'm just going to be quiet."

The NBA ladies and gentlemen.

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