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Memphis shopping Rudy Gay around the league

Where there's smoke, there's fire. But where's the fire and what does it mean to the Celtics?


Rudy Gay has been available since the day he signed that max contract, but something about the latest round of rumors makes it appear that he's more than likely going to be moving somewhere sometime soon. I don't know of any rumors linking him to the Celtics but I do know that he's being linked to teams that have been linked to the Celtics in various rumors. See below.

Kings had conversations with Grizzlies about Rudy Gay - Sactown Royalty

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reported today that the Grizzlies and Suns are currently engaged in trade talks for Gay centered around a package of Jared Dudley and draft picks. The Memphis Commercial Appeal then followed up to add that the Sacramento Kings had also had "preliminary talks" with the Grizzlies but did not mention specifics. The Golden State Warriors have also been mentioned in other reports, but Memphis has balked at the Warriors' insistence that they take Richard Jefferson's contract back in any trade.

The Suns (Gortat) and Kings (Cousins) have reportedly been on Danny's radar recently, so any movement in the market is interesting to him. Is there a chance for the Celtics to help facilitate a trade and get back something that we can use in return? It is something to keep an eye on at least.

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