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Melo/Garnett: TMZ has round 2 has video of Carmelo Anthony confronting Kevin Garnett at the team bus.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, I was looking for stats about how the Celtics' rejuvenated defense translated into more points off turnovers, but couldn't find a definitive website with the numbers. But of course, the internet was kind enough to provide exclusive footage of Carmelo going after KG at the team bus. Initially, CSNNE caught the Knick waiting at the Celtics' team bus and there were reports that they spoke on the phone, but that TMZ video shows that it clearly escalated.

I don't want to pull a Danny Ferry here, but I don't know what more the league needs to see to suspend Anthony for a game or two. Melo said yesterday that he just wanted to have a "conversation" with Garnett, but it got heated.

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