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Jared Sullinger is "full go" but "not close"

The back is fixed but he's not back to full speed. Still, it must be nice to be back on the court instead of in the court. Ok I'll stop the puns.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Sullinger was understandably humbled and mostly mum on his legal case, but it was interesting to hear how he was doing physically.

Sullinger ready for work | Boston Herald

"I’m not close," Sullinger said during yesterday’s media day at the C’s practice facility. "Being out for six months without basketball is really tough. I have a lot of work to do and only training camp can help that. Right now it’s about getting into the best shape possible. Not playing for six months, and then trying to jump into the fire, you have those days when you’re really good and those days when you suck. I just have to stay consistent. "You have training camp, practicing every day. We’re back into full flow. We’ll have games. Only time will tell that. This is my first time having surgery, so I can’t tell you. I have no limitations. Right now I’m full go, back to playing, practices and taking charges again."

Reports indicate that he was, um, kinda hefty.  You can understand that considering that his body type isn't exactly svelte to begin with and he's had half a year off.  It sounds like he's even getting a little bit of the Big Baby treatment as Rondo joked that he ate the most at their team offseason dinner.  I wonder if there will be a weight clause in his next contract - just to be sure.

With all that said, I'm pretty optimistic that Sullinger will work himself back into shape over time.  He just might not look to be in top form right off the bat.  That combined with Rondo's absence won't help the team's chances in a difficult early season schedule.

In the long term I see him pairing up nicely with rookie Kelly Olynyk, but we might see a lot of Brandon Bass and Kris Humphries early on.

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