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Is Gerald Wallace happy to be here?

His words say one thing, his actions might indicate otherwise.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is happy and optimistic on Media Day.  It is an unwritten rule.  The slate is always clean and the sky is always the limit.

So it was interesting to hear what Gerald Wallace had to say since his actions this summer don't exactly come across like someone excited to be a Boston Celtic.  Granted, I could be reading too much into this, but to recap:  He skipped the introductory press conference to stay at his basketball camp for kids (ok, no problem), he hadn't spoken to Danny Ainge all summer (really?), and he didn't attend the Rondo initiated team dinner (huh).  To top it off, he just showed up to camp the other day and wasn't even aware that the team had a preseason game this coming Monday.

Now, the caveat here is that Keith Bogans said that Wallace is reclusive in the summer.  That's fine and all, everyone is 100% entitled to use their summer the way they want to - especially after being in the league for several years and knowing what it takes to stay in shape and all that.  Still, his actions are enough to give me pause.

How about his words?

Post-deadline Celtics thoughts on Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace reset - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News

"I think a lot of people took out of this that I didn’t want to come, didn’t want to be a part of this," Wallace said. "That’s so far from the truth. "This trade kind of caught me off guard. I’m basically sitting at home (in Alabama) with my family and friends. We’re sitting at the table playing cards, waiting to watch the NBA draft, and bang it hits the screen. I didn’t know anything about it." Wallace said the deal was a shock, that he originally felt regret that he didn’t do enough to earn a place with the Nets in their championship mission, and that it’s "very hard" to go to a team rebuilding after 13 years in the league. But – don’t get him wrong – he’s still happy to be in Boston. "I’m very happy to be here," he assured, "especially with these guys who are looking for a new start, a fresh start."

So he's happy to be here but not excited to be part of a rebuilding process.  Got it.

At the end of the day, I guess there's really no need for Gerald and Danny to talk.  I'm sure his agent was happy to check in with Danny and let him know that it would be preferable for his client to move on to a contending team.  I'm sure that Danny indicated to his agent that he'd be happy to move Gerald to a contending team if a deal presents itself.  Until then, ...Gerald Wallace is a Boston Celtic, whether he likes it or not.

On a side note, at least he'll have fun watching the other sports in town.

Where's Wallace? Gerald Wallace of Boston Celtics 'happy' in Boston, but wishes he weren't on a rebuilding team |

Said Wallace, "Well, I’m from Alabama. We don’t have a professional team there. I like Big Papi (David Ortiz), I’ve always followed Big Papi and enjoy watching him ... That’s how I became a Red Sox fan. And then I’m just fascinated with (Patriots quarterback Tom) Brady. I like watching Brady play. I’ve been a big, big Brady fan since he started in the league. I’ve been following him since Day 1, him and coach (Bill) Belichick. Those are my favorite teams. Actually, in my house, I have a Patriots room – big Patriots and Red Sox fan."

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