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Rondo may get the Derrick Rose treatment by the media

The story almost writes itself. That's why we shouldn't write it.

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Rondo is doing the right thing by taking it slow and steady in his recovery. He's absolutely right to take things one step at a time. But that doesn't mean there won't be critics.

Why Rondo should take all the time he needs | Comcast SportsNet -

You can already see where this story is headed. It’s pretty clear that Rondo will not return to the court as soon as he’s medically cleared to do so. It wouldn’t be a shock to see him come back after Kobe Bryant, who’s eight years older than Rondo and tore his ACL two and a half months later. Given Rondo’s relationship with the Boston media and the nature of the Boston media in general, it will get ugly. Before long, the fact he’s not playing will create the perception that he doesn’t want to play and doesn’t care about the team and set off the same old string of tired Rondo criticism. In preparation for that, here’s my advice for Celtics fans: Ignore it. Don’t buy into the nonsense. Let the haters hate because that’s all they do and, considering that there won’t be too many other major storylines surrounding the team this season, that’s all they’ll be able to do.

(Note: Kobe tore his Achilles, not his ACL)

I'm really hoping this doesn't happen but I have to admit that it wouldn't shock me at all.

One thing that Levine points out in his article later on is that nobody can question Rajon Rondo's competitiveness (sometimes to a fault). There's little doubt in my mind that he wants back on the court, regardless of what it means for our draft position.

And that's one very key difference between Rose and Rondo. Rose was expected back for a potentially contending playoff team. Rondo's team really doesn't have those goals this year so there's really no rush back. If anything, I could see several in the media taking the "nah, take all the time you need Rondo" approach because "hey, more lottery balls!"

Still, I wouldn't put it past some in both the Boston media and the National media to take some shots at Rondo and kick him while he's down. Which is a shame.

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