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Much better: Celtics rout Knicks 111 to 81

Preseason results only matter when we win. Championship baby!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

That might have been the most fun game of the year to watch. Amazing how much better it feels when they play well and we win. Of course, it is amazing how much better we play when the other team sits their entire starting five.

In stark contrast to last night's game, the Celtics came out with energy and aggression tonight. It also didn't hurt that they made some early three point shots. Bradley, Green, Sullinger (!), and Crawford each hit threes in the first quarter that gave the Celtics a nice cushion that they kept all night long. The second quarter was sloppy but the Celtics owned the second half.

Other observations:

  • Jeff Green was 3-12 with 11 points. I agree with the broadcast team that he needs to stop settling for jumpers and drive the lane. At least he tried a couple of early post up moves, but they didn't result in buckets.
  • Really like Kelly Olynyk's game. I didn't realize just how well rounded his offensive game was. I wish we had him in year's past.
  • Crawford took at least 4 shots from 3 feet beyond the three point line. The thing is, he made 3 of them!
  • It was odd seeing the Knicks getting most of their production from the inside, but Diogu played a great game tonight.
  • Speaking of wide bodied power forwards, Sullinger is quietly having a really solid preseason. Not bad for a guy that said he was out of shape.
  • Vitor makes me smile. That is all.
  • Another solid all around game from Avery Bradley. He may not be a true point guard, but he's a heck of a basketball player.
  • MarShon Brooks can score the basketball. That's always nice to have.
  • I like Humphries hustle. He beats bigs up the court and scraps for loose balls.
  • Decent game from Lee with some nifty passes and mid-range jumpers.
  • The Delay of Game calls ended up delaying the game much more than anything the players were doing. I don't like the emphasis by the refs.

Feels a lot better to win than to lose, even if it is just preseason. I think Stevens will have some more good things to review on tape after tonight.