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Kelly Olynyk grew up a diehard Toronto Raptors fan

Hey, he grew up in Canada, so we'll cut him some slack.

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The Toronto Raptors were named to capitalize upon the popularity of Jurassic Park.  That's not as bad as The Mighty Ducks debacle, but it isn't far off.  The best player that played his prime years in Toronto was Vince Carter and he admitted that he basically tanked his way out of town.  Basically being a Raptors fan must be tough.

With that said, hats off to those fans because they stick with their team through the good times and all the bad times.

If you haven't guessed it from the title or the picture on this post, our own rookie Kelly Olynyk grew up as a Raptors fan.

Raptors inspired young Kelly Olynyk

The Celtics rookie spent his first 13 years in Toronto, where his father Ken coached the University of Toronto’s men’s team, and his mother Arlene was not only a basketball referee, but a member of the Raptors’ original scoring crew. Raptors history may not be particularly rich, but Olynyk can chronicle it by heart, by names. Asked about what he remembered — asked to name a favorite player — and Olynyk’s voice accelerated as he started to recount. He didn’t have a player, because all of those former Raptors appear to have been his favorite players. The only thing he didn’t do was alphabetize the names.

Follow the link for all his comments.

Good for Kelly.  Certainly can't fault him for loving his home team and it won't stop him from becoming a true Celtic.  After all, Paul Pierce grew up a Lakers fan and he turned out all right.

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