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Brad Stevens: One big difference between college and pro basketball is simple math

It doesn't take analytics to tell this story.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You can talk about all the differences between the college game and the pro game that you like.  But at the base of it, there's a simple difference that is black and white.  The games are longer (and there are a lot more of them).

Celtics Coach Brad Stevens: Adjusting to the NBA Level Is a Matter of Time | Bleacher Report

NBA games are longer than college games, by eight minutes. The shot clock is shorter, by 11 seconds. That means more possessions, more substitutions, more decisions to make, more circumstances to consider and analyze. "It’s got to be 115 to 120 possessions you get in the pro game," Stevens said this week. "In college, there would be games where we would get 70. That’s 50 more possessions. Well, you’re not going to be able to run a set every time down the floor. You’re going to have to be good in your continuity. You’re going to have to get quick looks. And you’re going to have to play at a good rate."

He also points out the longer schedule and all the back-to-back games.  That means there's more time for a team to gel, but not always as much time to practice and obviously not as much time to rest.  No wonder he's so interested in sleep doctors.

If anything, I'll bet that Stevens is reveling in the chance to work through the additional possessions in an NBA game.  Gives him more time to analyze, adapt, and adjust.  Man, I can't wait to see what he and Rondo cook up together when Rajon finally takes the court.

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