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Brad Stevens has team working on finishing

ABC - Always Be Closing

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

The difference between winning and losing is very often one or two small things that either go your way or don't. That has been the case in the preseason for the Celtics and it should be the case going forward as well. Coach Stevens zeroed in on that in practice this weekend.

Boston Celtics practice report: Coach Courtney Lee works magic, Brad Stevens emphasizes finishing possessions and games |

"Finishing is (an emphasis)," said head coach Brad Stevens. "Not necessarily the game, but we missed quite a few layups on the last trip, and when you think about two 2-point losses, those can add up. There were a couple of possessions where if we dug deep, we would be able to finish those better. Finishing at the end of the shot clock, and maybe making one more pass, or maybe being a little bit stronger in our last moves. So finishing has been an emphasis (Friday), and will continue to be moving forward."

Ok, I admit I just posted this as an excuse to use this vid clip.

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