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Injury notes on Rondo, Wallace, and Faverani

Good news on Rondo and hopefully nothing too bad about Wallace and Fav.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The most important injury update isn't so much an update as it is a check-in with Rondo.

Ainge: 'Very proud' of Rondo's rehab - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I think [Rondo is] doing great," said Ainge. "I think he’s working as hard as he can. I’ve been very proud of him of how he really wants to get out there and I think he wants to get out there, not for his own benefit, but he wants to really help the team. He sees how he’s missed and he just loves to play. He wants to get back for all the right reasons." Asked if he still envisioned Rondo as the centerpiece for Boston's rebuilding process, Ainge offered a firm, "Absolutely."

Good.  Good.  More of that please.

Less encouraging is the fact that Gerald Wallace was wearing a boot and Faverani went in for an MRI on his back.

Sounds like the Wallace thing is preventative maintenance.

Wallace gets cortisone shot, wears boot - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston
"Just precautionary," said Wallace. "I got a cortisone shot in my ankle last night, so they’re just trying to get it to work as best as they could, so I gotta wear the boot to keep it from being aggravated. It’s something I’ve had all summer long. This is just something to help contain the pain. We’ve got about six days before our opening game, so this is a chance to get a little rest, let it calm down a little bit, and hopefully go into the regular season with no pain."

We'll have to wait and hear about Faverani.

Faverani gets MRI on sore back - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics rookie center Vitor Faverani underwent an MRI Thursday on a sore lower back and said he'll meet with team doctors Friday to examine the results. Faverani was nearly a scratch for Wednesday's game against the Brooklyn Nets when his back stiffened up during warm-ups. Instead, he earned his first preseason start and responded with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and a whopping 6 blocks over 28 minutes. Asked how he did that given the sore back that kept him out of Thursday's practice, Faverani offered, "Adrenaline. You want to play every time. After the game, when you relax, you feel some pains, but in the game, no."

We know from watching Sullinger last year that a back can be an odd thing.  He was playing great last year and then all of a sudden he was going under the knife and out for the year.  Let's hope that Fav can avoid that fate if at all possible.

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