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Celtics have option to pick up MarShon Brooks' for next year

Just how much do the Celtics like MarShon Brooks? We might find out soon.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

By now you might know that the Celtics have until Thursday to negotiate an extension with Avery Bradley (nothing imminent so far).  You might not have realized (I know I didn't) that they also have a deadline pending on MarShon Brooks.

Avery Bradley sounds like happy camper | Boston Herald

They also have until Thursday to pick up the option on MarShon Brooks for next season, when the shooting guard would make approximately $2.2 million. But the former Net is part of a massive shooting guard logjam that also includes Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee and, when Rondo returns, Bradley. Stevens has also been experimenting at that position. Brooks has had some nice moments — most notably a 15-point fourth quarter during the Celtics’ Oct. 16 exhibition loss in Toronto. But his defense — never a personal strength — has come as advertised. Management is still debating whether to pick up his 2014-15 option.

Frankly I would be surprised if they did pick up that option.  They still get a rental on him this year.  Granted, if he broke out this year, it would make him more expensive to keep around.  Still, it is more likely that he is what he is and isn't worth investing long term in.

By declining that option, they put him in a contract year and make him an expiring contract.  Seems like a no brainer to me, ... that is unless C's management is a lot more optimistic about him than I am.

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