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A scout's take on Jeff Green: "high-end complimentary player"

Few Celtics will see more scrutiny this year than Jeff Green.

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Sometimes as fans we can be too close to a situation to see the bigger picture.  Sometimes we are too emotionally attached to admit something that others see more clearly.  I feel like that's where I've been with Jeff Green for a little while.

A very real part of me still wants to believe that he's got star potential and just needs an opportunity to finally show the world what he can do.  But there's a good deal of evidence that indicates that he's just a nice rotation player that has some great moments but not enough to put him in a higher category.

But don't take my word for it.  Everyone seems to have strong opinions of their own and one more person's opinion isn't necessarily going to sway anyone.  Still, since the source is an NBA scout, I am happy to pass along the analysis and submit it for discussion.

Boston Celtics NBA season preview from opposing team's scout - NBA -

Jeff Green is a point-forward type. He has skills across the board. At times he is passive, and that's probably because he's more a perimeter player than a post-up player. I don't envision him becoming a star. At his best, he's going to be a high-end complementary player. He's a terrific third wheel, like he was last year, when he had some incredible games. It will be interesting to see what's expected of him on a nightly basis this year as opposed to last year, when he could pick and choose his spots on a team with Pierce and Garnett.

I agree, it will be very interesting indeed.  As I've pointed out before, he's got no more excuses starting now.  Hopefully he'll prove me wrong and show that he's much more than I expect.  Hopefully he'll become a legit star in this league.  Nothing would make me happier.

But you know what?  I'd also be content with him being a really good rotation player too.  If that's his destiny, then I'd like to align my expectations with that and root for him accordingly.

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