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Jeff Green's expanding offensive role

All eyes will be on Green as he adapts to a larger, different offensive role.

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Last year Jeff Green was used mostly as a 4th option and a bailout guy that could create his own shot with an isolation drive or jumpshot.  I even broke down his efficiency on his dribble drives using mySynergySports.  Now that Pierce and Garnett are gone and a new coach is in town, expect Green to be one of the focal points of the offense.  Not just that, we can expect him to be used differently.

Eric Bledsoe, Anthony Davis, Evan Turner, and the NBA's All-Intriguing Team - Grantland

Everything changes now. Green will have to work harder for shots, but he'll also get to work differently. Boston rarely allowed Green to run pick-and-rolls, or even to catch the ball flying off screens and going to his right — where Green almost always goes. Almost all his dribble drives had high degrees of difficulty — isolation attacks after sets designed for other Celtics went nowhere. And Green, with his rare combination of size and speed, did well driving past bigger defenders and right through smaller ones. We'll see some of that this season, and more of Boston working Green in the post against shorter wing players — a hit-or-miss proposition.

We've also already heard about Stevens experimenting with using Green at the shooting guard position - which is apparently has to do with spreading the floor and using some of the wing positions interchangeably.  This should be a big challenge for Jeff but also a big opportunity.

He finished the season being relied upon as a more primary option as Garnett and Pierce wore down and with Rondo out.  He responded with a high scoring average and he'll have a chance to build upon that this season.

To put it bluntly, all eyes will be on Jeff Green this season, especially while Rondo is out.  He'll be expected to be the leading scorer go-to guy and it will be very interesting to see how he responds.

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