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Jared Sullinger has option picked up, eager to get on the court

Sully is ready to start playing basketball again. The Celtics will be happy to see him.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Picking up Jared Sullinger's option was a no brainer decision.  That's actually saying a lot for the guy since he did have back surgery and a trip through the court system that resulted in a one game suspension.  But Sully is a talented, smart, hard working kid that looks to have a nice future in Beantown ahead of him.

Jared Sullinger reacts to contract option decision  |

"Honestly it makes me feel comfortable knowing that even though (there were) a lot of ups and downs this summer, they’re still willing to work with me," said Sullinger, who recently had domestic violence charges against him dropped in Waltham District Court. "It shows a lot of confidence upstairs, which also fuels confidence in me."

It was tough for Jared to miss the first game of this new era.  He was itching to get out there and help.

Sullinger Vies To Help C's on Glass in Debut | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

"I was definitely cringing when I realized we weren’t getting a lot of rebounds we were supposed to get," he said. "A lot of them were loose balls, honestly, and all those tip-backs by Valanciunas." He’s confident that he’ll be able to help the Celtics improve in that department tomorrow night against Milwaukee. Said Sullinger, "Rebounding is my forte and that’s what I pride myself on."

They could use his help on the boards certainly.  What he lacks in length and vertical leap he makes up for in positioning and ... um, girth down low.

On an unrelated but timely note: He was asked about his favorite costume growing up.

Trick or treat: A little Sullinger as Superman | Comcast SportsNet -

Among his most memorable outfits was when he dressed as Superman. "My mom stuffed a whole bunch of pillows in my Superman outfit," Sullinger recalled. "Unfortunately I sweated out all those pillows and it was disgusting. I got sick the next day."

That's lovely.  Happy Halloween everyone.  Take care.

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