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Jordan "Steez" Crawford has support, if not a clear role

Nobody knows exactly what to make of Jordan Crawford or how to use him. But he does have talent and skills that could be useful.

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I'll be right up front with this.  Jordan Crawford is my least favorite player on the current roster.  That doesn't mean I "hate" him or even dislike him all that much.  If anything I have to give him credit for being himself and not worrying too much about what people think about him.  Still, I'm not all that fond of his quirky, gunner game and I don't see how it fits into any rational offensive system.  But what do I know?

So far Crawford is getting public support from all the people that matter to him.  Brad Stevens has said that Crawford will play (even if he doesn't know exactly how he'll fit) and Danny Ainge has been supportive of Jordan as well.

Jordan Crawford ‘steez’ grows on Celtics | Boston Herald

"It’s a great thing to have," Crawford said of Ainge’s approval. "He’s looking at me as a person. It’s refreshing. You can go out and be yourself. When you can go out and be yourself, it makes it possible for you to be the best player you can be. "I mean, you ain’t got to worry about nobody disliking you because of the way you walk into the room. When you ain’t got to worry about stuff like that, it makes everything easier. So I appreciate everything he’s done for me — the confidence he’s shown in me and even going out into the paper and saying that I’m a good passer and I could be the replacement point guard. "A lot of people know that, but they ain’t going to say it because they dislike me."

Obviously it benefits everyone involved if Crawford plays well, even if it only results in improving his rather minimal trade value.  Maybe another contender will have the same idea that the Celtics did last year and make a move for him if only to add a scoring option off the bench.

Still, it worries me that Crawford was so excited to leave the rebuilding environment in Washington and all of a sudden he's been thrust back into a similar situation in Boston.  Still, the names and faces are different so maybe it will work out here where it didn't there.  Only time will tell.  I just don't know how he's going to find the time he needs in such a loaded shooting guard rotation.

He might actually be able to fill in a bit at backup point guard while Rondo is out.  He filled that role at times last year and he has pretty decent handles and passing ability.  But he just seems to be best when he gets the ball and attacks the rim with reckless abandon.

Regardless, we can be sure that Steez is going to be Steez, for better or worse.

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