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Rajon Rondo is popular, ranking 10th in NBA jersey sales

He's got style.
He's got style.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Some NBA fans across the country may think that Rajon Rondo is overrated because he "can't shoot," but if jersey sales are any indication of a player's skill, then Rondo is doing extremely well for himself. This year the Boston Celtics' point guard has the world's tenth-best selling NBA jersey.

Rondo ranks behind point guards Derrick Rose and Deron Williams, but finished ahead of Steve Nash and Chris Paul. I was honestly pretty surprised that Rondo finished ahead of Nash and Paul, especially considering Nash was on the extremely popular LA Lakers, and CP3 is often considered the best point guard in the entire league.

1. LeBron James, Heat
2. Derrick Rose, Bulls
3. Kobe Bryant, Lakers
4. Kevin Durant, Thunder
5. Dwyane Wade, Heat
6. Carmelo Anthony, Knicks
7. Dwight Howard, Lakers
8. Deron Williams, Nets
9. Blake Griffin, Clippers
10. Rajon Rondo, Celtics
11. Steve Nash, Lakers
12. Chris Paul, Clippers
13. Russell Westbrook, Thunder
14. Kevin Garnett, Nets (Celtics)
15. Joe Johnson, Nets

The fact a non-scoring guard is in the top-ten speaks highly for fan's respect for Rondo's style of play. With flashy passes, a 44-point performance in the playoffs, and of course, that patented behind-the-back dribble fake; Rondo remains as one of the most fascinating players to watch in the NBA.

Maybe, just maybe, if assistant coach Ron Adams helps Rajon Rondo improve his jump shot, he'll hop into the top five for jersey sales next year, a sign that he took his game to another level.

Admittedly, the jersey sales aren't important to me; but I know that if Rondo develops a jump shot, we've got the best point guard in the league right here in Boston. Let's hope he can make it happen.

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