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Rajon Rondo and Brad Stevens on the same page so far

Who knows, they might very well be best friends (or on their way to it).

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There are some that are just waiting for Rajon Rondo to somehow clash with Brad Stevens.  Those people might have a long, frustrating wait.  So far it sounds like Brad and Rajon are lock step and on the same page.  If anything, it sounds like Rondo has gone out of his way to make sure that was the case.  Hear what Brad Stevens had to say about Rondo as part of his interview with Jim Rome.

Brad Stevens interview with Jim Rome

"It’s been really interesting – I’ll be the first to say it, he’s made it so accommodating to me to come in, that I haven’t had to go out of my way at all. It’s been very good, he’s been great. He’s an easy guy to talk to. I think we share a lot of the same things with regards to how we think about the game, and certainly our interest in numbers that we share. And so it’s been great so far, and we’re going to lean on him even when he’s out to lead for us."

He goes on to talk about his theory of "process over results" and it sounds like Rondo is open to that philosophy.

I've had great leadership in my early years of coaching from the standpoint, everybody that I came across made it very clear that if you're not getting better at what you do, if you're not learning and growing, you're going to get caught, you're not going to be very good at your job. And one of the things I've shared with him is just some of the things that have always inspired me - different ways, different articles about leadership, some of the books that I like the most. I do this with all of our guys, and if they want to throw it away they can throw it away. But if they want to read it they can read it. He's a very intelligent guy that is seeking answers, and he's not the kind of guy that always says he's got all the answers. And I think that's really a neat thing, I think we share that."

Looking forward to seeing what these two guys can come up with.  They could be a very powerful team in the years ahead.

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