Appreciating the first eight

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We've all mulled the possibilities of landing a 19 year-old superstar. We've taken the assumption that this year's team will be bad, and in the end, that will be good. We even started this year off with four losses, confirming our impending doom.

But we were wrong. Continuity, selflessness, inspired play, and surprising turn-arounds have defined the Boston Celtics thus far. Heck, even rebounding. Here we sit at 4-4, and I somehow feel far better about this than last year. We've got a coach, he's 36 and builds Cinderlla stories like Disney. He's unproven, but his comfort in analytics and preparation pay their dividends. He's calm and his players aren't afraid to acknowledge that to the media. Gerald Wallace said he's actually enjoyed coming off the bench, and Jeff Green says his coach gives him more confidence.

Maybe Brandon Bass said it best today; "there's something special about that man."

He's right, but there's also something special about these Boston Celtics. These fourteen guys who were surely destined for the bottom of the barrel, somehow proving their worth in these first eight games. In the wake of departure, newer faces have stepped up. They've kept a valuable Celtic culture much in tact, and reminded us that the Boston Celtics doesn't tank.

Everything remains to be written. It may takes years to finish, but with a brain like Stevens and a team full of hard workers -- faith has been restored.

Something big is happening here.

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