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MarShon Brooks predictably frustrated with lack of playing time

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MarShon Brooks came into this season thinking he was finally going to get a chance to contribute. He showed up early, did what the coaching staff told him to do, and has been nothing but a professional so far.  Of course, he also hasn't played.  He's only logged 6 minutes and 52 seconds in the regular season for the Celtics.  That has to be frustrating on a rebuilding team, regardless of their shooting guard depth.

MarShon Brooks 'not happy' |

"You know, I’m not happy," Brooks told reporters Wednesday, as seen on Boston Sports Today. "I’m trying not to get frustrated because I know my time’s going to come. If I’m frustrated, then I’m playing against myself. All I can do is just stay in shape and just be ready." "What goes through my head? I just want to go in," added the guard. "And then from there, I’ll just take care of my business, man. When my opportunity comes, I’m going to try to go out there, just be solid, not do too much and just play ball. I’ll run into points. I’m just going to play hard on defense. The scoring will come."

While it is hard to blame him for feeling frustrated, it is equally hard to question Coach Stevens' rotation.  Brooks just isn't as versatile or efficient as Crawford and Lee and those two belong ahead of him on the depth chart.

Besides, he might yet get his chance.  If the Celtics make a trade or two, you never know what kind of playing time might open up for a guy like Brooks, who can play in this league.  Then again, once Rondo returns, that will make the rotation even tighter in the guard positions.

His comments don't seem overly disruptive.  He's a competitor and he sees his team lose and he thinks that he could be of some help.  Good for him.  All he can do is keep plugging away in practice and focusing on the team concepts.  You never know when Stevens might want to make a tweak to the lineups or try something new that might feature Brooks.

Until then, he'll have to keep that seat on the bench warm.

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