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Ainge on Rondo: "I don't see anything happening this month"

Danny Ainge joined 98.5's Toucher & Rich this morning to talk about the impending return of Rajon Rondo.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There's a tacit understanding that we're not going to get a real update ever, right?  Ainge won't say anything, Rondo won't say anything, and conspiracy theorists will point to next summer's draft as a more reliable touchstone of when Rajon should come back.  However, Danny did offer a vague timetable of week-to-week by mid-December.

We've seen so many players come back from this injury just in the last year and there's a rhythm to it now.  There's the main verse about rest and rehab, the chorus of "when's" that sportswriters and blogger sing, the bridge of getting fitted for a brace and taking full contact in practice, and finally, the triumphant finish with their return to the floor.  I figure right now, we're somewhere near the 6:16 mark of this Stairway To Heaven video and things will start picking up pretty quick soon.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live (HD) (via YeOldeRock)

Yesterday was the 9 month anniversary of his injury.  Lou Williams, who was injured a week after Rondo, has already been cleared for full contact and expected back fairly soon, but everybody's different.  Ultimately, it comes down to a player's confidence.  Chicago learned that last year with Derrick Rose.  If the mind's not right, it doesn't matter what the body is telling you.

With Rondo, I get a sense that he's itching to come back.  He's been so active on the leadership level of this team and gushing about his relationship with Brad Stevens.  He's not going to hashtag hint his way to a return like Kobe Bryant.  My guess is he'll be more like Ainge was with his announcement of hiring Stevens.  It'll come quick and swift not unlike his buddy Kendrick Perkins' return back in 2011.  He'll show up on game day, warm up with Brian Doo, and just take the floor.

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