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Should the Celtics call the Rockets about Omer Asik?

A very good center is on the trade block. Of course the Celtics should kick the tires.

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Whenever a talented center is on the market, you have to wonder if that guy fits your team's plans.  It sounds like Omer Asik wants out of Houston.  Should the Celtics make a call?

Omer Asik requests trade from Rockets, per report -

With his starting spot gone, Rockets center Omer Asik requested a trade in the past 48 hours, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. Asik signed a three-year, $25 million contract with Houston in the summer of 2012, but his presence on the roster became redundant after the Rockets landed Dwight Howard in free agency this offseason.

Asik may want out, but his GM isn't going to make a move just to make him happy.  He's already asked for a trade once before and he's still in Houston.

Omer Asik has (reportedly) asked for a trade - The Dream Shake

But, however adamant Asik may be about finding a new team, It looks safer to say that if Asik is dealt, it'll happen closer to the deadline than in the coming days or weeks. Then again, Asik would be on a plane tonight if someone calls Daryl Morey with some sort of Godfather offer.

The Rockets could use some defense and wing scoring.  As much as I'd love to drop Gerald Wallace on them I don't think the Rockets will sign up for that contract without a few of the draft picks tossed in (in other words, not happening).  I think Bill Simmons suggested Jeff Green for Asik at one point.

I'm sure the Celtics will at least kick the tires on this one, but I'm sure there are already suitors lined up around the block with offers and the Rockets have time to sit back and weigh the best ones.  As much as I'd like to get a quality center, I wonder how much the team would have to overpay to get him.

What would you offer?  (Try to be realistic ...and if someone else isn't realistic, be polite but honest about it.)

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