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Three Celtics on NBA All Star Ballot - Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo, and Gerald Wallace

Who's missing?


The NBA released their All Star ballots today.  You can vote here.

Included on the ballot from Boston is:

  • Rajon Rondo - Hasn't played a minute yet.
  • Jeff Green - Leading scorer on the team, probably has the best shot.
  • Gerald Wallace - Probably on there for reputation more than recent results.

Missing from the list:

  • Avery Bradley - Defense is so underrated.
  • Brandon Bass - Always solid, though probably not a "star."
  • Jared Sullinger - Practically a rookie, so understandable snub.
  • Kelly Olynyk - An actual rookie, but that didn't stop them from adding Oladipo.
  • Jordan Crawford - Hey, I didn't know he was going to be this good either.

Keep in mind, I'm NOT saying that all these guys should be All Stars.  In fact Bradley is probably the only one that I'd say is a "snub."  It just seems like each of these guys has at least a shot at playing up to that level if everything breaks right.  Or at least they have as good a chance as some of the other names on the list.

No worries though.  Olynyk and Sullinger are pretty good bets for the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge and they'll be on their share of ballots in the future.  Hopefully alongside Avery Bradley.

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