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LaMarcus Aldridge Out Duels Jared Sullinger to put Blazers on top of Boston Celtics

Sullinger had a career-high 26 points Friday night, but Aldridge beat him by one and his Blazers beat the C's by a lot more. The Garden Report broke down the matchup and the lack of scoring support for Sully.

BOSTON – The Celtics have gone 4-6 in the first 10 games under Brad Stevens after falling to LaMarcus Aldridge and the Portland Trail Blazers 109-96 Friday night. Before embarking on a road trip out west in which they will face three of the league's elite big men in Kevin Love, Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan, the Celtics were first run over by Aldridge, whose combination of high post finesse and length near the rim spelled disaster for Boston.

Jared Sullinger kept the C's in the game with his 26 points, working Joel Freeman on the block and hitting a pair of threes, but he was one of only three Celtics in double figures.

The Garden Report kicked off with highlights and analysis of Aldidge's matchup on Brandon Bass, Sully's matchup on Freeman, and the running Celtics are known for getting thrown in their face.

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