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Statement of fact disguised as NBA trade rumor: Pistons still covet Rajon Rondo

Note: I'm going completely sarcastic on this one. You've been warned.

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STOP THE PRESSES!  I know there are no presses on blogs, but stop them anyway.

According to the Internet, there's another NBA Trade Rumor involving Rajon Rondo!  All I need to do is mention Miley Cyrus and Obamacare and I've hit SEO (search engine optimization) gold!  (Note: please don't talk about those topics here.  I might have to give myself a 3 day suspension just for bringing them up.)

I mean, obviously Rondo's old buddy Josh Smith would love to have him in Motown playing DEEE-TROOOIT-BAAAASSSS-KET-BAALLLLLL.  And what Josh Smith wants, he gets (including as many bad 3 pointers as he wants).

Also, trader Danny would be willing to sell his dear old mum for a first rounder and a chance to tank away the season, amiright?

But enough of my blather, lets get to the juicy rumor that totally isn't just some guy's opinion based on circumstantial evidence.

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I don't know where Rondo is going -- maybe nowhere -- but that Boston will continue to shop him, and Dumars will continue to talk with Danny Ainge about the possibility, until such point as the Celtics trade Rondo elsewhere or the trade deadline passes. The Celtics are looking to maximize Rondo's value if they make a deal, and a lot of teams won't offer much until they see him playing again on that surgically repaired knee. If that happens on schedule and Rondo is effective, there will be any number of suitors, including Detroit. Rest assured, if Rondo is traded and the Pistons don't get him, it won't be for their lack of interest.

(hat tip to Jay King for finding this by the by)

Welp, better pack Rajon's GQ bags and fire up the Sherman Tank, cause this is obviously just a matter of days from happening.

Ok, ok, I think I broke my sarcasm meter.

The rules haven't changed since the offseason.  If you want Rondo, you'll have to pay for him.  That conversation has to start with either Drummond or Monroe and you'll have to add more pieces from there.  Could it happen?  Hey, anything could happen and yes Danny will trade anyone he feels would bring back good enough value.  I just put the chances of it happening at "very low."

Be prepared.  There will be a lot more of this before the trade deadline passes.  Enjoy.

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