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Love hurts - Celtics fall to T-Wolves 88-106

Avery Bradley's big night was lonely because nobody else really joined him.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Blogger said there'd be days like this...

  • Avery Bradley's career high is 28.  It is still 28 but he did get 27 tonight.  But much like Jared Sullinger from the last game, he didn't get enough support from the rest of the team to challenge the T-Wolves.
  • Jeff Green was missing in action tonight. 0-6 with 2 points overall.
  • MarShon Brooks had a season high 8 points and 17 minutes tonight, so that's something.  He filled in for Courtney Lee who was a late scratch.
  • Kevin Love, double double machine.  Just money.
  • Pekovic and Martin aren't bad either.
  • Sullinger followed up his career high with just 3 points in 14 minutes, posting a plus/negative of -27.  Have to assume that is the conditioning catching up to him.
  • At least Faverani contributed a solid 14 boards and 9 points.  His jumpers spurred a run that got the score down to 55-50 at one point.
  • Things don't get any easier with games coming up against the Rockets, Spurs, and Pacers (who finally lost for the first time tonight against the Bulls).

This is our season so far.  This team is just too inexperienced to have consistency.  There will be days when they look great, but they won't be able to string too many of them together in a row.  Especially not against good, experienced teams like Minnesota (which sounds weird to say but it is the new reality).

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