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Avery Bradley is keeping a diary for ESPN this season

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Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley will be keeping a diary for this season. I love this kind of stuff, as it allows us to get a close look at the evolution of a player over the course of the season, both on and off the court.

In his first diary entry, the fourth-year guard discussed his diaper duties as a new father, the identity of the Celtics, and how heartbroken he was after the blockbuster trades this offseason.

Click here to read the full entry, but here are two notable quotes:

Bradley diary: Changes and new identities
If you asked me what position I play my answer would be a combo guard. I'm able to play both positions of point guard and shooting guard. Lately I've been used at shooting guard and I've gotten a better feel for the game as a result. Instead of having to come out right away and make plays for others, I've been able to get a better feel for the game as it goes along. I can get comfortable and become more relaxed on the offensive end when I'm at the 2-guard.

It's pretty cool of Bradley to openly admit that he's more relaxed offensively when he plays shooting guard. Sure, he doesn't get nervous as he dribbles the ball past the half court, like he used to during his rookie season, but he is still clearly better suited to play the two. The game seems to open up for him, as we have seen him perfectly time his cuts along the baseline for easy points.

Bradley diary: Changes and new identities
This team's goal is just like any team's. We want to win the championship. We will never sell ourselves short or count ourselves out. Our goal is to go to the playoffs and win the championship. My goal personally is to help this team out any way I can. I'm going to have the opportunity to try to make the first-team defense this year. That's pretty much it for my personal goals, but I feel like the sky's the limit if I work hard.

Take that, tankers! Yeah, I know, it's unlikely that this team wins Banner 18 next June, but you have to aim for the sky. Why would you ever settle in life? I'm also happy that AB realizes his potential as a first-team defender. After achieving second-team honors in only 50 games last season, I think there is a good shot he achieves his goal this year.

I highly recommend reading the entire diary entry, which again, can be read by clicking here.

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